At Chase Plumbing we are taking extra steps to make sure our customers and employees are safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Our daily practice includes:

  • Practicing social distancing (6 feet apart)
  • Washing hands on a regular basis
  • Wearing latex gloves
  • Sanitizing surfaces throughout our office and warehouse 3 times daily
  • Sanitizing work surfaces before and after work performed
  • Wearing masks at all times based on new guidelines
  • Checking with employees to make sure they feel comfortable and healthy
  • Checking with customers to make sure they feel comfortable and healthy
  • Encouraging that anyone not feeling well stay home and describe their symptoms to management
  • Staggering arrival times and limiting the amount of staff at warehouse and office
  • Virtual communication with other staff members
  • Calling ahead all material orders to avoid any unneeded contact with vendors

At Chase Plumbing we all have families to protect so we are doing our absolute best to protect ourselves and our customers.

Plumbers are essential workers so we are open for business and are here to help.

Please call us at 617-448-9051.