Ian Chisholm is a top-notch plumber and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He did a rather complex heating system replacement/ conversion for us, and despite the challenges of the job, he followed through on his commitment to provide us with an outstanding solution at a reasonable price. I had 3 other plumbers in to look at the job — they wouldn’t even touch it because of the complexity. Ian took the time to evaluate the current system and think through the possible solutions, and explained his plan in a very clear and understandable manner. The boiler and manifold assembly is nothing short of a piece of art (highly functional and efficient art) – everyone who sees it marvels at it. The job took longer than he had anticipated, yet he still held fast to his price commitment. In short, I would highly recommend Chase Plumbing for any type of plumbing needs you have. Professional, courteous, reliable, communicative, and fair are the words that most accurately describe their services.

I previously have had many years of needing, and not receiving good plumbing services until I was fortunate to meet Ian @ Chase Plumbing and his crew. They fit all of my criteria in having a wonderful service company in my home. They are clean young men who present themselves professionally. They have respect for my home (and for me). They present the cost of options, which are very reasonable, then get the job done quickly and efficiently. The best part is that they clean up after themselves. Who could want anything more that. I have used them many times, and I would recommend them, and have, to everyone.

Always on time, courteous and professional to my clients. Conscientious of schedules. And always responsive whether there is a small repair or a high end remodel.

I highly recommend Chase Plumbing. They replaced my boiler heating system with a high efficiency Buderus boiler and an indirect fired hot water heater. They exceeded my expectations with the quality of their workmanship and their professionalism. They were neat, organized and efficient. The project started and finished on schedule with all required permits obtained and inspections completed.

The staff at Chase Plumbing have been our dependable and highly skilled plumbers for the past 3 years. Ian and his staff met every one of the plumbing challenges in our 50 year old home, provided excellent service and more than satisfied our many requirements. On each of their 6 or 7 service calls, they were prompt, reliable, pleasant, and informative. We found Chase Plumbing to be committed to providing the best and cost effective plumbing and customer service to their customers. No surprises when you call Chase Plumbing. We recently purchased a brand new condo and will be calling on Chase Plumbing to continue their awesome service in our new home.

I have a background in the trades and so when our condominium association needed a plumber I asked a senior counter person at a local plumbing supply house for recommendations. He strongly recommended Chase Plumbing based on his personal experience working with it’s proprietor years ago. We have a turn of the century brownstone and wanted someone who would do thoughtful and careful work. Our first project with Chase Plumbing involved replacing the maze of old willy-nilly distribution hot and cold lines (many still brass) with a streamlined pair or hot and cold DHW branching to the risers. The domestic hot was configured for recirculation. Both lines were insulated to conserve heat and prevent condensation in the humid summer. All branch lines were provided with isolation valves. The work and workmanship were superior and done with minimum disruption to the water service to the residences.

Chase Plumbing more recently responded in a timely manner to an emergency in our building. Waste lines under the basement floor failed and sewage was being discharged. In a timely manner the floorboards were carefully taken up so that they could be re-used. Work was scheduled around intense use periods and the area sanitized after the new pipes were in place.
Currently we are working with Chase Plumbing on a more ambitious project to replace the building steam heating system with circulating hot water. Based on our past experience with Chase Plumbing, we are confident that they will find the best way to install the new distribution lines with minimal damage to the interior decorum of the residences.

My experience with Chase Plumbing has always been professional, quality service by very knowledgeable technicians who always offer alternatives when possible. I have found that they make it easy for me to understand my options, and seem to look at the problem from my perspective instead of just telling me what might make them the most money. Their prompt and courteous service has even brought compliments from my tenants-and they don’t throw a lot of compliments around, trust me- Owning a number of rental properties I used to have a couple of different plumbers on my phone-since using Chase, the others have been eliminated.

There are many Plumbing Companies to choose from and from my experience choosing Chase Plumbing, located in Burlington, Ma. is a company that I highly recommend because of the following qualities: From my experience Chase Plumbing stands out from all the rest because of their knowledge of the business, their consideration of their customers, cleanliness and their affordable prices.

Ian and his team are exceptional plumbers. They are always on time, professional with my clients and do the job right. Ian has built his business based on top quality workmanship and integrity. I could not and will not find a better company to have on my jobsite.

The experience I have with Chase Plumbing has been excellent. I had major plumbing problems which resulted in the complete overhaul of 2 bathrooms. Day one started with Mr. Chisholm coming to my home on a Sunday to meet with the contractor. Mr. Chisholm worked with the contractor and redesigned the 2 bathrooms and laundry room. The end result was 3 completely new bathrooms including redesign, upgrade and all standards met. Work was done meticulously, on time and on budget. When a slight glitch occurred the problem was solved immediately without delay in the rest of the work. I highly recommend Chase Plumbing to all. I strongly advise that you listen to what they say. Give your input as to what you want and let them make the final decision as to if it is correct or not so that you do not have problems down the road.

I used Chase Plumbing to put in a master bath and was thrilled with their work. The bathroom is beautiful. Weeks later, when my home developed a leak in an area they did not work on, they came the same day and were able make immediate repairs. Chase plumbing is dependable, on time, does great work and is pleasant to have in your home. They keep their work area clean and safe. Chase Plumbing is able to explain the job so that a non plumber understands the problem, process and time involved. Their quotes are clear, prompt and fairly priced. Chase Plumbing has excellent communication – they show up when they say they will and return all phone calls/emails promptly. I highly recommend Chase Plumbing.