Frozen Pipes… Don’t Let it Go!

As the temperatures dip down into the teens and single digits it is important to try and prevent pipes from freezing. First and foremost keep your thermostats turned up a few degrees higher than normal even if the room or zone does not get much use. Also, if there is a fixture or bath group that has frozen in the past it is a good idea to keep water trickling a little as movement of water will not allow freezing to occur. Remember that the small increase on fuel consumption and water use will be far less than the cost of thawing pipes or potentially repairing your home from water damage. If you do have a freeze up situation please call Chase Plumbing Co., Inc. as we have all the equipment to help thaw out and repair frozen pipes.

These are some of the towns we service:
Lexington, Burlington, Winchester, Bedford, Arlington, Belmont, Wellesley, Newton among many other towns.

Chase Plumbing takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Chase Plumbing Co. Inc. took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
The owner, Ian Chisholm stood underneath a “clean” toilet and let his coworker flush ice water on his head for a good cause. Chase Plumbing also donated money to help find a cure for ALS.
Ian nominated three Lexington business owners to take the #icebucketchallenge.
Please join us to help “flush” out ALS.
See our YouTube Ice Bucket Challenge Video:

Light up the Night with a Gas Fire Pit!

Tired of burning wood in your exterior fire pit? Tired of waiting to make sure the fire is out? Difficulty staring the fire?

Please call Chase Plumbing Co., Inc. today at 617-448-9051 to see what is involved in running a natural gas or LP line to your fire pit for an amazing experience!

Thank You,
Chase Plumbing Co., Inc.

Save Money With a Second Meter

Spring/Summer is here and now is the time to liven up your irrigation systems and outside faucets. Did you know that without a 2nd meter you are paying for sewage treatment even though that water is not entering the sewer?

Please call Chase Plumbing Co., Inc. today at 617-448-9051 to set up a free estimate for a second meter so you can save yourself some money.

Thank You,
Chase Plumbing Co., Inc.